Membership and Community Service Contributions

Our Membership Application Form is Available upon Request.

Regular Contribution and Community Service Use Levels

PER CITYWIDE CUSTOM, ALL OBLIGATIONS TO FORMER SYNAGOGUES AND CENTERS MUST BE FULFILLED PRIOR TO JOINING CISA. LIFE CYCLE EVENTS, MEMORIALS, ADULT EDUCATION, AND COUNSELING SERVICES THAT UTILIZE OUR HAZZAN AND STAFF, ON OR OFF RENTAL SITE ARE A BENEFIT OF MEMBERSHIP IN CISA AT THE 36+ SINGLE OR COUPLE LEVEL. ALL MEMBERS MUST BE OF THE JEWISH FAITH BY BIRTH OR VERIFIED CONVERSION. SUPPORTERS (non-Jewish persons or Jewish non-member) ARE WELCOMED WITHOUT RIGHTS OF MEMBERSHIP AT MEMBERSHIP CONTRBUTION LEVELS. In fairness to our contributing Jewish members, contributions for non-members of the community (guests or supporters) are required for High Holy Days services (all or part), all Life Cycle events, Adult Education and Pastoral Counseling/Visitation at the level established for the program or event listed. All regular contribution levels are due by July 1, or 50% by July 1 and 50% one month prior to the High Holy Days in any year July 1-June 30. Special consideration is available. Underwriting Levels pledges may be contributed in equal monthly installments after the regular level is completed prior to the High Holy Days. Retired Military are always our guests without life cycle events. Children (to age 18) are guests with parents’ membership. Reciprocity observed for members in good standing of synagogues outside of Texas (with letter of Good Standing from your synagogue). Contributions for Community Services Use (non-member) services are currently:

-High Holy Days: $300 per guest (ALL OR PART);

-Life Cycle Events like naming and Britot: $500.00;

-Community Memorials $500.00;

-Bar or Bat Mitzvah $1800;

-Wedding $1200;

-Adult Education per class $118.00 (exclusive of Books to be purchased by the student);

-Adoption of Judaism Ceremonies $1800, inclusive of Witnesses’ Honorarium;

-Pastoral Care and counselling; Hospice or Hospital Visitations: $118 per 30-minute session;

-Dinner Events and Paid programming assessed at our cost per person;

Membership/Supporter Contribution Levels

First Time Affiliate, Age 22-30 (single)


First Time Affiliate, Age 22-30 (coupled, both are 22-30)


Age Group by Individual or Two Adults (dependents under 22, aged parents, our guests)


31-35 (single)


31-35 (couple, one partner is 31-35)


36+ (single)


36+ (coupled, one partner is 36 or above)


Underwriting Contribution Levels (regardless of age or coupling) Per Year July 1-June 30 (no proration)










$6000 and above

What we build in mortar and stone, the elements in time will weather; what we build in human spirit will endure for an eternity.” -Rabbi Israel Chodos